Follow up on the Jensen Leadership Seminar…



Its day 4 of the Jensen Leadership Seminar and I MUST SAY that it has been a truly EYE-OPENING and TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for myself. On the first day, I have to admit, I was completely lost with all the new ideas being presented in the conference… (Didnt fit my Wall of Pre-existent bricks.. ), however, as the seminar continued and with the support of my work group eventually all the information started to make sense. Although I would like to share here some of that knowledge… it is simply impossible given that it involves A LOT of linguistic abstractions, philosofical and ontological reasoning. I wish I could explain it in simply words…. but as our coaches mentioned, you wouldnt have access to the “realm of possibilities” that could open for you. 🙂

Im just thrilled about some of the changes I’ve already noticed, for instance, the fact that now I’m more aware of the messages people try to communicate through conversations, without me having prejudices or -how it is called in the seminar- Alrady-Always-Listening behaviors. I’ve seen that many times in the past, such patterns of listening truly limited my ability to interact with others, and now I’m able to see how easily people fell into these patterns without being conscious or aware about them, and in doing so, limit their ability to relate and interact with others. Another interesting fact that truly amazed me was the “Amigdala Hijack” phenomena that is present in Human beings. As it turns out, the amigdala is a primitive “organ” located somewhere in our head that has the function to evaluate any situation in terms of threats to survival….”Does it eat me, or Do I eat it”. Whenever humans face a stressful situation, this “amigdala hijack” mechanism is triggered and makes us to defend (run away) or retaliate (fight back)…. if in Retaliate mode, we continue to argue and fight for about 20 to 40 min, until the chemicals liberated in our brain disapear and our behavior goes back to normal. You can already see the implications of this mechanism in situations where we argue with people (relationships, job, school, etc), when suddenly we feel defensive and retaliate without being completely unaware of our behavior and/or the words we say during this time lapse. No wonder why we sometimes fight for small things and suddely we lose control and make things bigger than they really are… 🙂

Overall, I have to say that the instructors do a GREAT JOB in helping participants to understand and assimilate all the knowledge being provided. Werner Erhard has this fantastic ability to convey all this ontological knowledge in a very understandable way. And although sometimes he appears to be -as he calls him self- a ruthless guy he acts like it to stop people from reasoning vaguely and to come to a concrete fact about themselves…. (To be continued)

5 thoughts on “Follow up on the Jensen Leadership Seminar…

  1. I have just read about your article and and all your references, what really interested me, 9 reasons why people cheat… As I see following your script, does it really happened to you sometime before?, Interesting the Amigdala Hijack… Do you thing this are related?

    • Hi Paola, first of all thank you for the interest in the topic.
      Well, Im not sure if you got your question right. But let me try to address what I made out of it.
      Im not familiar with the 9 Reasons you mention about cheaters, personally I can tell you that I had been in a relationship for 8 years and along these period (as with any other couple) we had our ups and downs. I can tell you that I have a complete peace of mind to know that not one time did I cheat in my relation, although there were times were misuderstandings on both sides caused many troubles, and eventually the breakup (a few weeks ago). As for the amigdala hijack, I dont see how it can be related with the “cheating behavior”, what I understood is that this mechanism gets triggered only in situations of high stress… most commonly when, for instance, arguing, debating, or discussing with other people. Its hard to believe that the amigdala hijack mechanism would incite cheatting behaviors among humans, I just cant see any causal relationship

      I hope I addressed your questions fully.

      Muchas Gracias por tu interes


  2. Hi,
    Thanks a lot, this is going to help me with a homework for the university, not a lot of topics like this.
    Sorry about your relationship hope is ok, and also about your old car, like a suspense story.

    • Ah que bueno que si te sirvio la informacion, muy pocas personas escriben o tratan de investigar sobre estos temas y me da gusto poder compartirlos, pero sobre todo q sean de utilidad.
      Jeje completamente de suspenso y altibajos estos ultimos meses… pero bueno todos estos problemas son como fertilizante para algo mejor 🙂
      Mucho exito en tus estudios y trabajo!!
      pd: Trabajas en IFA??? Tu IP salio como…..


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