Augmented Reality…

I first heard this term a few weeks ago and thought it had something to do with improved resolution of  TV or PC Screens…. or perhaps some weird electronic helmet mounted in someone’s head to improve “virtual reality” perceptions. Had many ideas about what it could be, but certainly was not expecting this cool innovation. So, it turns out that some Computer Scientists… (who else..) discovered a way to embed 3D images -using geometric patterns-  in a simple sheet of paper, and when the user points these patterns to a webcam, mounted on a PC, the computer generates a real 3D Hologram on the sheet of paper…. or something like it 🙂

So far this technology is in its early phase, however the potential promises and applications have already caused great expectations among the Advertising industry. How would you like to be reading a car magazine just to have your favorite model pop out from the sheet in a 3D Hologram?? And best of all, be able to interact with this hologram by personalizing colors, sounds and shapes ??? Really cool huh??? 🙂 

I have to admit that these techie guys are doing really fun and creative stuff, have a look 😉



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